Stone Soup Studios


Helping Actors, Screenwriters and Directors produce their own feature films

 Stone Soup Studios Motion Picture Company specializes in helping screenwriters and actors become first time 

We only co-produce feature length movies, feature documentaries, episodic TV series and (in select cases) music
videos. We do not co-produce short films, commercials, corporate videos or YouTube videos.

In a world of endless cold-reading auditions and production companies that won't even take a look at screenplays
without an agent personally delivering them, Stone Soup Studios can give you the power to control your own
creative destiny.

All of our co-productions require you, the producer, to participate in partially funding the production. Once you
demonstrate your seriousness by helping to raise a portion of the production budget, we will step in with additional
 assistance and help your production become a reality.

By partnering with Stone Soup Studios, it will be possible for you to shoot a feature film for one half to one tenth of
the budget that would be required if you were to hire an external production company to produce the project.

To produce your own film requires a financial commitment of anywhere from seven thousand dollars to several
million, depending on the production values and star power required by the production.

If you have a screenplay or film concept you would like us to consider for a production partnership, please give us
a call or send an email to begin the conversation about how we can assist you to create an amazing film.


Alder and Christina and the entire Stone Soup Studios Production Team

(970) 667-0443